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Rookie Recruits effectively screens applicants so that the candidates they refer meet the requirements of your business. Rookie Recruits can help you find talented members for your team.




  • We are career start specialists and focus on placing candidates with zero to three years’ experience and who have awesome attitudes.
  • If you are looking for a high level, experienced executive with an eight-page CV listing years of experience and who can ‘hit the ground running’ – we are probably not your partners. However, if you believe in our hire the attitude and train the skill philosophy, we’ve got the talent!
  • We are always happy to share our experiences and offer suggestions, when needed, to help you understand the current market and manage candidates’ expectations.
  • We are able to save your time by doing reference checks for you while acting as a mediator to ensure candidates accept reasonable offers.
  • We provide peace of mind that your position will be filled, while you focus on your business, not the process.


Get on with Your Business while We Get on with Ours:

  • Given our experience and our focus on ensuring that we only present candidates who have absolutely awesome attitudes, we will save your precious time by presenting only the best 1 to 3 candidates to interview.
  • You will find Rookie Recruits to be a reliable partner who will ensure that you are interviewing talented candidates quickly. Rookie Recruits, has a Talent Bank of great Rookies who are bursting with enthusiasm to present talented candidates to you quicker than you would be able to find them yourself, thus increasing your productivity.
  • Rookie Recruits will provide you peace of mind with our 3-month replacement guarantee.
  • Rookie Recruits will support your Rookie Recruit in his or her first 12 months with our ‘Zero to Hero’ coaching program to mitigate the risk of voluntary turnover.


Rookie Recruits is a partner to help you find the best talent for your business.

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Opportunity Cost of Running Your Own Campaign


Hiring talented employees is a lot of work, and requires skill. If you don’t have the time or the resources to do it yourself, you could pass it off to someone on staff. However, there are several details that you need to consider before you task one of your staffers with ‘finding some help’:

Time is Money:

What is the direct cost of running your own recruitment campaign and posting your own ads?

What is your hourly rate and how much time does it take to…

  • Write an ad
  • List an ad
  • Field phone calls enquiring about your ad
  • Review resume applications
  • Contact screened applications to arrange interviews
  • Prep for interviews
  • Conduct first interviews
  • Debrief with colleagues
  • Prep for reference checks
  • Complete reference checks
  • Conduct follow-up interviews, if necessary
  • Meet with colleagues to choose the best candidate
  • Create and present offer of employment
  • Start all over if the offer isn’t accepted


What opportunity costs are born by the time taken by running your own campaign?

Consider the following:

  • What could you have been doing with the time you spent in the recruiting process?
  • Was there additional business development or customer service opportunities that were neglected due to the time spent recruiting?
  • What was the actual cost of lost productivity resulting from not having that position filled sooner and the reallocation of time to the recruiting process?
  • If you get a negative response to your ad campaign, can you afford to start from scratch?
  • If the process takes too long, do you end up settling for the best of a bad bunch?


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