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5 Leading Ways to Turn Entry-Level Hires into Old Timers

Virtually all employers know the frustrations and costs of repeated staff losses. It can be a huge drain on time, resources and sanity!  If we hire entry-level candidates based on their potential and attitude then that’s a great start – if we get it right. But we also […]

3 Good Reasons to Recruit Interns

Regular readers will know that we are big advocates of companies recruiting youngsters with a good attitude, the right cultural fit, and bags of potential.  Often such strong candidates can be found in high schools, colleges and universities: there’s nothing new about businesses hiring graduates but it is […]

Is There a Skill Gap in Australia – or Just a Good Hiring Gap?

We often hear from employers that it’s difficult to get the right people to fill their positions because of the “skill gap”. That is, there simply aren’t enough qualified and suitably skilled people around to adequately step into available roles.  This has potentially serious effects for the economy […]

Peer Inside the Fishbowl for Your Recruitment Policy

A US inventory management company called Fishbowl, recently featured in Forbes magazine, is a good example of what we have been saying on this blog and to our clients: forget about hiring only the most stellar champions of your industry – and create them yourself! Hiring on potential […]

5 Tips for Developing Career Plans for Employees

In our previous post we stressed how important it was to create a career path for employees, in order to enhance loyalty, motivation and performance, lower staff turnover and attract new employees. A planned progression of jobs within a particular profession is attractive on many fronts and a […]