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4 Job-Hunting Steps to Take if you’re Serious about your Career

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Will you REALLY do what it takes to get your ‘Dream Job’? I interviewed a candidate a while back who “desperately” wanted to get into Radio, but when she learned she might have to go to a rural location to get her start…. suddenly her desperation started to […]

Interviews are like First Dates – 5 Strategies to Help You Get Lucky

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– Erin Pfeiffer For many of us, the first time you meet with a prospective employer for a job you really want can induce the same emotions and behaviours as a first date with someone really hot. Sweaty palms, anxiety that can only be shaken off by a […]

How to tell the difference between a job and a career

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Do you want a career or a job? Well, what’s the difference when you just need to pay bills? There isn’t one if that’s all you’re after. If you are looking for career progression, job satisfaction, and a new and exciting challenge … then there is a big difference.  […]

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