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Acacia Immigration is a small migration company that, with the help of Rookie Recruits, has had the pleasure of employing the bright and bubbly Justine Camero. Justine is the front line person for Acacia who handles administration, office support, and client services. Despite being unsure about joining a smaller firm, Justine has been really happy at Acacia and is enjoying the closeness within the smaller company. Justine said that “Everyone is always friendly and willing to help, it’s a good team and I’m really happy here.”


As well as working at Acacia, Justine is currently working part-time on her undergraduate degree in International Studies with a language major. Working at Acacia has given her some insight into what she can do with her degree once she has finished it, as well as lots of experience working with international clients.


Learning and training opportunities have been abundant for Justine, since she began her employment with Acacia. After just three months of employment the CEO, Mark Webster, invited Justine to participate in a networking event. After he observed her chatting with someone in French, one of her many languages, Mark invited Justine to accompany him to the French–Australian Chamber of Commerce, where she had the opportunity to gain some great networking experience and contacts.


Furthermore, by being involved with the company on a number of levels, Justine has gained insight into different career paths she could follow in the migration industry that will utilise and expand the skills and experience she has gained through her education and work experience at Acacia. Having had no specific education in migration, Acacia has provided Justine and other members of their front line staff with the education and training in that industry so that they feel comfortable and confident answering client questions. For Justine and the other Migration Agents, this means that they spend less time answering basic questions and more time focusing on the more intricate details of their cases.


Justine has excelled in her role at Acacia and already has experienced personal and professional growth and development in her position. As well as her administrative, office support, and client services duties, she is now doing intricate paralegal work, drafting lodgement forms and taking on more responsibility. Her future opportunities in the company are endless; she could become a paralegal after a couple years or move into business development, all the while gaining a holistic understanding of an industry she previously knew little about.



While looking for an administration and reception role where she could use her Business Administration Diploma, the Rookie Recruits advertisement for the position at Acacia caught Justine’s eye.

Rookie Recruits stands out among recruitment agencies. Normally, I go into their office for a quick interview, and they say they will get back to me, usually with an e-mail or phone call. Rookie Recruits was different; the recruiters were really involved in the process, and I was very impressed. At first I thought the interview over Skype would be strange, as I had never done that before. It ended up being really good because I could do it from home, and it saved their time too–very innovative! The pre-interview prep. sheet and phone call were really helpful and calmed my nerves so that I felt confident answering the interview questions. The Talent Scout at Rookie Recruits helped prepare me and encourage me. Most agencies don’t do that at all. I was also surprised when the contact didn’t end after the interview; the Talent Scout called after the interview and was really interested in how it went. I was also given some inside tips that I wouldn’t have known otherwise, which the Talent Scout had knowledge of from knowing what Mark was looking for in a candidate for Acacia. At Rookie Recruits the recruiters are personable, friendly, and easy-going. They are professional but not too formal. They are a bit laid back in their approach but definitely get the job done!


In my coaching sessions I feel comfortable and can ask my coach any questions so that I am not confused. My coach gives tips and advice about how I can go about addressing any issues I am having. He asks good questions that make me think deeply, rather than just reacting and doing something without thinking.


This is the only company I have ever heard of coaching a candidate; other agencies have just wash their hands of me as soon as I’ve been placed. I really appreciate the continuous contact and relationship Rookie Recruits has with me.

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