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Laura was looking for a challenging career where she could use and expand her customer service skills, so she applied for a Sales Support position with Stegbar through Rookie Recruits. Stegbar, part of the Jeldwen Company, provides great career opportunities for budding young sales talent with potential.


In her previous job, Laura felt like she had hit a dead-end. After speaking with her direct manager, she realised that there was no room for real career progression within that company for her. Laura consequently began her search for a new position that would start her on a career path where she could reach her potential.


Laura had previously worked in retail sales, customer service, and data entry. Looking for ‘the next step’ in her career, she decided that the Sales Support role advertised by Rookie Recruits for Stegbar would be a perfect match to her skills and experience and future aspirations.


Once recruited by Stegbar, Laura found the biggest challenge in her new position was familiarizing herself with the product. The company helped Laura to do so, by sending her to a three-day training course at head office where she was introduced to Stegbar’s systems and products. While on site Laura never feels she is on her own; there is always someone available to support her and answer her questions ensuring her success in her role.


Her day-to-day routine in sales support is filled with variety. Once she opens the shop, there are always quotes to put together, liaisons with head office, phone calls to make and receive, great customers that she markets Stegbar’s products to in the show room, and daily banking duties. Laura enjoys learning the details of her position and facing the day-to-day challenges that are part of sales support. She has a promising future.


What caused Laura to be noticed by Rookie Recruits and Stegbar? Laura showed them that she has a great attitude, a positive outlook, and confidence. She presented herself professionally at her interviews: She was poised and well dressed, and she clearly articulated her strong customer service and sales support experience and future goals. She appeared organised, customer centric, calm under pressure and thick skinned. Her aspirations to get into sales and her enthusiasm for the opportunity with Stegbar made the recruiters see Laura as a great fit for the company.


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