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You’re going to give me your absolute best…

We all need to learn to be our own coach

It’s really easy to watch this video and think, “Well, we can’t all have a football coach, screaming in our ear, willing us forward in life” but, the coach in this video is metaphorical.  He represents our own inner dialogue.  He is the voice inside all of use who stands against our self-imposed limitations.

Our limitations and self-doubt can be pretty powerful and pretty loud when they want to be.  They can scream at us until we believe everything we can’t do.  The point of this video is to illustrate how powerful limitations can be and why it’s important to fight against them. It’s also pretty good to get the little hairs on your arm to stand up.

The blindfold is symbolic to blocking out the limitations we impose on ourselves. This can be based on our surroundings, what we know, and what we think that we can do.  If Brock had been able to see, he would have approached the 20 or 30 yard line and been focused on how far he had come already and how tired he was, rather than focusing on how much more he had to give. His perception of how far he thought he could go, though an impressive feat, could have held him back from what he was really able to achieve.

So give’r all you’ve got. The sky’s the limit. Reach for the stars etc… Or get a Rookie Recruits role and be a part of our 12 month ‘Zero to Hero’ coaching program. Don’t worry, there’s less yelling and fewer grass stains.

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