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RING RING!!! How to Score an Interview EVERY time Your Phone Rings

The one thing usually standing between you and an interview for your dream role is one little phone call.

So what? Easy! You make phone calls every day – to your friends, your Mum, at work, at play. Jeez, you’re part of the technology generation for crying out loud; you were practically raised with a phone in your hand!

What could possibly go wrong? Exactly that: treating the conversation like you would any other phone call.

The First Phone Call

Make no mistake, the first phone call you receive from an Employer or Recruiter is for one reason and one reason only: to pre-interview you for the job.

To be considered a high potential candidate, you need a simple and rock-solid strategy for your first phone call.

If you think back on the outcome of the phone calls you receive, does your strategy seem to be working for you? Do you even have a phone interview strategy? Is your phone even connected so you can execute your strategy? Don’t laugh, it happens all the time.

While supplying the number of a disconnected phone sounds like a rookie mistake that you would never make (pardon the pun, obviously not our awesome Rookies Candidates) it is a front-runner in the daily race of “silly candidate mistakes” which could be costing you interviews.

Getting the Interview

So what do you need to do to nail the elusive first phone call and secure an interview for the job you want?

• Sound Enthusiastic

Seems like common sense, but it’s not common practice.

From a recruiter’s perspective, we spend all day making calls to people who:

  • Sound like we just roused them from a deep sleep, and continue to remain in a half-asleep half-awake state for the remainder of the conversation; and
  • Don’t seem to have any intention of convincing us they’re the right person for the job.

How glad do you think we are when someone picks up the phone and radiates enthusiasm? I can tell you, you’ll get put forward over your less enthused competitors every time.

By the way, recruiters start work at 8:30-9:00am, so be awake!

• Know What We’re Calling About, and Expect the Call

Answering “What attracted you to this role?” with “I’ve applied for SO many jobs, can you refresh my memory what this job is?” is possibly the worst thing you can say.

If you are really interested in a role you’ve seen advertised, chances are you’ll remember the company who posted the Ad and at least some of the details about the role.

If you don’t, we’ll take it as a lack of interest. Wouldn’t you? Don’t apply for so many roles that you can’t keep your applications straight – apply for the ones you actually want and be prepared for the call.

• Don’t Play Games

People, especially seasoned recruiters, can tell when you’re trying to ‘work’ them.

We’ve heard every answer in the book, and we’ll take genuine honesty, over what you think we want to hear, every day of the week.

While it’s fine to present yourself in the best light possible, if you have to lie to get an interview, you’re applying for the wrong role and you’ll be found out eventually.

• Smile

Ahhh… so exquisite in its simplicity.

There’s a reason customer service professionals are trained to smile when they answer the phone; if you can hear a smile in someone’s voice it is disarming and builds instant rapport.

Some research also shows that people attribute intelligence and attractiveness as traits that are characteristic of friendly individuals. Remember – you attract more bees with honey than vinegar.

• Change your Humorous (Read: “Stupid”) Voicemail

“Funny” voicemail recordings – the evil step-sister of ridiculous/inappropriate Email addresses – have no place on your phone when you are job hunting.

Put your sense of humour on the shelf, put your professional hat on, and record one that you’d be happy for the CEO of your dream company to hear.

Apart from immediately checking your contact details on your resume, you’re all set to apply for those jobs you’re after and prepare for all those first phone calls coming your way.


Good luck in getting the interview!

  • Chris says:

    I’ve said “I’ve applied for SO many jobs, can you refresh my memory what this job is?” to one of your talent agents and received a further interview as a result.. Oops!

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