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Experience? No… but I’ll school you at Mario Kart

So, you’re looking for a new job but the odds seem stacked against you since you lack experience and don’t know what you’re great at yet.

Think creatively about your transferable skills and how they might benefit an employer. Then, market yourself on your CV with these skills and be prepared to offer examples in an interview.


Here are some fun examples that will get you thinking creatively, but you’ll need more depth for the skills you actually present!


You are:

  • A hands-on and fast learner
    If you get a new mobile and are over the ‘texting’s weird’ feeling and can check your voicemail by the end day
  • Adaptable to change in a dynamic environment
    If you swap between PC and Mac and can figure out how to close the browser window on either
  • Solutions focused with time management skills
    If you have helped a friend or a family member adjust the volume, change the screen brightness, or find a document on a computer you’ve never used before, in less than 5 minutes
  • Up to date and comfortable learning new systems
    If you’ve been able to transition your Super Mario Kart skills from Super Nintendo, to N64, to GameCube, to Wii seamlessly
  • Able to multitask and prioritise
    If you can watch TV, SMS your friends, Facebook stalk your ex, and eat a piece of pizza all at the same time

Obviously these examples are a bit tongue and cheek since they are everything older generations hate about Gen Y’s, but be creative and you’ll have adjectives for your CV in no time!



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