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5 Things That Will Make You Love Going to Work

Work life balance is more achievable if you enjoy what you are doing. It makes the line between the two a little blurry, saving you from counting down the minutes until you are free from your desk. If you join a company that has values and a direction that align with your own, creating this grey area is much easier.


Look for these things as signs that you’re on the right track to eternal happiness in the grey area between work and life:


  1. Work somewhere with happy people.
    Not necessarily with painted on clown smiles (though that might be a bonus), but somewhere where people seem to be enjoying themselves while working. Look for genuine smiles around the office and little to no physical violence.
  2. People are accountable and avoid the blame game.
    There are no mistakes, only learning opportunities. If mistakes are made and people are taking ownership and pulling out the learning, instead of pointing the finger, that’s awesome.
  3. There are no power trippers.
    The managers and other employees are comfortable in their roles and aren’t trying to demand respect or force followers. The people are bought in to a common goal and the leader has earned their respect.
  4. There’s no I in TEAM.
    People are quick to offer help and are sincere in doing so, not just trying to get credit. A bunch of people working collaboratively, not competitively, leads to an innovative and fun workplace.
  5. Get’r done.
    To make sure the business will have longevity, things need to get done. If people are achieving their objectives and revenue is being generated… or will be soon, you’re on the right track.


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