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What if you got sacked?

It happens. So how do you get around being condemned to a life where no one will ever hire you again? Be creative and market yourself! Like all good marketing, focus on what’s great about you.


“So why did you leave your last role?” 



  1. Don’t trash talk
    Nobody likes a whiner. Don’t pass the buck and try to shift focus off of yourself by speaking badly about others. The first thing the interviewer is going to think is that you are trouble and hard to work with. Not an ideal hire. You know your last boss was an a-hole and he fired you because his girlfriend totally had a crush on you, don’t tell anyone else that. By playing the “he said, she said” game, you just look like a catty teenage girl – not a good look on anyone.Take responsibility for what happened, and focus on what you have learned from the experience. People make mistakes, it’s your ability to bounce back and learn from them that makes you an investment.
  2. Spin
    Be optimistic and take your job search as an opportunity. Let your interviewer see how passionate and enthusiastic you are taking your next career step, planned or otherwise. If you were “let go” from your last role, speak factually about it not emotionally, and use creative and positive diction wherever possible.You don’t need to jump into elaborate details and tell the whole story play by play, who pushed whom into the sandbox first. It sounds childish and you want to demonstrate that you are moving forward in life not backwards. Focus on the opportunity, the enthusiasm you will bring to the role, and how you have been using your time off work constructively to look for the next step, or enrolled in courses. Be an optimist.
  3. Keep it real
    A direct question deserves a direct answer. If you lie or try to be evasive, the interviewer, like most human beings, will not appreciate their intelligence being insulted with you lying to their face. They might call you out… awkward. Or they might just say “Thanks but no thanks. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” If it was a personal conflict that got you canned, you can use your references to clear your good name.


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