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5 Steps to Help Nerds Nail the Technical Interview

Technical interviews can be extremely time consuming and stressful for some candidates. Even more so if it is your first one and you have no idea what to expect! Here are some tips to help you prepare so you are ready to nail your first ‘techie test’.




  1. Look Sharp
    The thing about being in a technical role is that usually you aren’t ‘client facing’. As such, casual dress seems to be the norm. This is great once you have the job! You will be able to wear your favourite Batman tee every day. Please wait until you have the job to start rockin’ it and dress snappy for the interview. Button down shirt, pressed dress pants, and clean dress shoes are appropriate. You don’t need to fully ‘suit up’ as their perception may be that you are conservative and therefore not a culture fit. For the love of – please don’t wear trackies to an interview.
  2. Study Buddy
    We all know how quickly things change and it is a constant effort to stay on top of new technologies. Like most tests, ‘techie tests’ are likely going to cover skills that aren’t used every day. If you are a bit rusty, review and practice so that the skills that are required in the job description are fresh for you. Before you go, make sure you get as much detail about what skills they will be looking for so you know what to practise!
  3. Talk the Talk
    Finding a candidate with good communication skills is one of the biggest challenges when filling a technical position. When you are answering questions in a technical interview, like in any interview, be very clear in your answers. Do not be vague, be specific, give more detail rather than less whenever possible. Wherever it seems necessary, back your answer up with specific examples of a time when you have used that skill.
  4. Think Outside the Box
    Often in interviews the interviewer may throw out a seemingly random and unrelated question like, “How many tyres are in Australia.” Instead of throwing out a random number, try to understand what they may be looking for when asking you this question. More than likely they are looking to see the steps you would take to solve the problem, your logic, and the creativity in your answer, not just an answer.
  5. Stay Calm and Rock On
    Especially in entry-level roles, employers don’t expect you to have all the answers or know how to do it all. Don’t give up, and be honest about what you know and what you haven’t had experience with. Build rapport with your interviewer, show you have a personality, stay calm and be positive.


You aren’t in sales for a reason, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a sales tactic to ‘close the deal’ and get the job. Ask your interviewer if there is any reason that they wouldn’t put you through to the next stages and send a follow up thank you email. As an added bonus to show that you are keen to learn, in the email answer a problem that you were unable to answer in the interview. This demonstrates that you work hard and have the desire and resources to learn the things that you got hung-up on in the interview.


Now go get ‘em tiger!

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