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If you have a stupid e-mail address, please take 12 seconds and change it…


Applying for jobs online with an appropriate e-mail address.

“I will immediately delete anything that hits my inbox that is sent to me from thepornprincess@gmail.com. This lecture is on proper e-mail addresses.” – Wise words of wisdom from my Public Policy Analysis Prof at Uni.


Our generation grew up with e-mail. This is not something that we got when we started our first job and used for the purpose of inter-office communication, if it were, then yes the obvious choice is firstnamelastname@companyname.com. We aren’t dumb, we get the concept- oooooohhhhh if you put the name in the e-mail address then you know who you are sending it to… revolutionary.


No, e-mail was something we signed up for so we could chat with our friends and flirt with our love interests on MSN after school (What’s your favourite food? OMG me too!! Want to have lunch together tomorrow…. I didn’t write that, my friend did… Blushing face- but do you?). Therefore, for us, the obvious choice of e-mail address was something that made us stand out! I’m unique, I’m an individual, I’m special and I want all of my MSN contacts to know how hot I am. For us, the obvious e-mail address was totallycute7685@hotmail.com (the numbers at the end became necessary because of the overwhelming number of totally cute people in the world contacting each other via e-mail – ugh I can’t believe some bitch thought of that before me).


We are older, more mature, and want to be taken seriously by employers now. We have Facebook for socializing and can update our account name and profile picture to make sure all of our old MSN friends know how cool we turned out. We are very confident in our skills and what value we can add to a company so we apply for that amazing opportunity to be a superstar on their team.


Picture this:


You wrote an amazing cover letter detailing what matching skills you have, tailored specifically to the job ad. Wrote a shit-hot resume highlighting your awesome skills and relevant life experience and sent it off to the employer from your trusty tellyourmumthx@suckmail.com account… So, imagine your surprise when your phone isn’t ringing off the hook with an immediate job offer?


If contact requests were job offers… you’d be in the money baby. Unfortunately, it could be because of the oh so creative e-mail address that employers are hesitant to invite you in for an interview. I won’t go into great detail as to why this may be holding you back (professionalism, maturity, etc). It has just never been brought to your attention before that your e-mail address may be relevant in the resume screening process.


Here’s the problem now. Making a new address seems like such a huge pain in the ass. You have always been cutesy_patootsy69@adorable.com and all your friends know you as satan666@hellmail.com. Changing your e-mail means informing a lifelong list of contacts that your e-mail address has now changed and they will be responsible for updating it in their address book if they ever want to speak to you again. It seems so much easier to just have one e-mail to keep track of and why not the one you’ve had your entire life?


It’s not so bad! Think of it this way- when was the last time you actually e-mailed your friends? I don’t mean sent a message over Facebook but actually sent an e-mail? See! Your friends will still be able to contact you! Pfewf- you won’t be immediately wiped from the planet if you change your e-mail address (thank you Mark Zuckerberg). Also, it can be a gradual shift, you can dabble with two and gradually make the shift to a professional sounding sebastiont@gmail.com but Mum and dad can still reach you on mumslilprince@wanker.com to notify you when they have transferred rent into your account! Also, setting up a new e-mail account is generally free and fairly simple so not too much time is spent transitioning.


Everyone wins! The Employer gets the opportunity to see how awesome you are in person, and you get an exciting new career!

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