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Acacia Immigration Australia is the expert in understanding immigration law and process. It takes pride in developing the industry’s most innovative immigration solutions.


Mark Webster, CEO of Acacia Immigration Australia, wants to hire candidates who have the right attitude and work ethic. Candidates must be keen, work hard, want to learn, and pay attention to details.


As a leading immigration company, Acacia offers exciting career opportunities for many candidates. As such, when it has previously run its own attraction campaigns, it has received an overwhelming number of applications. The main struggle for Acacia was then to process the volume of applications before the promising talent had taken other positions.

After conducting its own attraction campaigns, Acacia has felt the pain of thinking it had found superstars, only to be informed at the last minute before its new hires were supposed to start that the candidates had taken other job offers.  According to Webster, “Hiring someone who isn’t the right fit is demoralizing; you give them a try and then end up having to let them go.” This is frustrating for both the employer and employee.

The time spent running the campaigns and going through applications can tie up human resources unnecessarily. Furthermore, the costs and time associated with hiring and training people who don’t quite fit is costly for employers, such as Acacia. Using the services provided by Rookie Recruits saves both a time and money.


After using the services of Rookie Recruits, Acacia Immigration Australia’s CEO, Mark Webster stated: “Partnering with Rookies has been great to help clarify what exactly we are looking for in a candidate.” Rookie Recruits takes on the bulk of the process by running the ads, doing the resume and phone screening, and the first-round interviews. Consequently, Webster interviews only the candidates who are considered a good cultural fit for Acacia and who have the good attitude and work ethic Webster requires. The Talent Scouts at Rookie Recruits are experienced and honest. They offer advice when needed, ensuring more success with the candidates placed.


The largest return on investment comes in the form of time saved and peace of mind. Now that Acacia is using the services of Rookie Recruits, Webster is confident that Acacia will find suitable recruits to fill positions quickly, without the unnecessary cost to the company of time spent in a long drawn out process.

On the other hand, employees will be more successful when screened and placed in positions for which they are most suited. Having placed keen learners who are enthusiastic and eager to take on new responsibility, Webster is confident that the rookies will have a bright future in the company.

This scenario provides an overview of the services that Rookie Recruits provides to help match employees and employers so that they both succeed.

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