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Justine Camero @ …

Rookie Recruits stands out among recruitment agencies. Normally, I go into their office for a quick interview, and they say they will get back to me, usually with an e-mail or phone call. Rookie Recruits was different; the recruiters were really involved in the process, and I was very impressed. At first I thought the interview over Skype would be strange, as I had never done that before. It ended up being really good because I could do it from home, and it saved their time too–very innovative!

Laura Turner @ …

What caused Laura to be noticed by Rookie Recruits and Stegbar? Laura showed them that she has a great attitude, a positive outlook, and confidence. She presented herself professionally at her interviews: She was poised and well dressed, and she clearly articulated her strong customer service and sales support experience and future goals. She appeared organised, customer centric, calm under pressure and thick skinned. Her aspirations to get into sales and her enthusiasm for the opportunity with Stegbar made the recruiters see Laura as a great fit for the company.

Ashlyn Rodrigues

It’s rare to find a person who is genuinely interested in your profile and one who gives you realistic advise.

Nicole Paine

Rookie Recruits have been nothing short of amazing.
The amount of time and effort they have shown me these last 2 weeks has been mind blowing. I haven’t dealt with an agency as well structured and well organised as Rookies.
Not only do they utilise Technology (Skype Interviews) but they
are […]

Jeffrey Wellfare

Thanks for all your hard work with helping me attain a job.  I really do appreciate it and think that you and rookie recruits easily exceed the standards that any other agency have to offer.

Luke Carroll

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with gaining employment in a sales executive role with Alsco. The interviews conducted by you and all the feedback was on the mark. You have given me an extra sense of confidence and I appreciate your ability to […]

Thomas Pritchard

Thank you so much for your help over the past couple of months in my journey to find a new job. Your help came at a very stressful time for me and you guys made a process that is sometimes frightening, daunting, frustrating and hectic as smooth as possible. A […]

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