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How to get business cards off HR Professionals

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Let’s frame up how you might be in the situation where there are hundreds of HR Professionals buzzing around and you are considering asking one for a business card. You took our advice and swung by a Human Resources event for the sole purpose of getting a job. […]

5 Things That Will Make You Love Going to Work

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Work life balance is more achievable if you enjoy what you are doing. It makes the line between the two a little blurry, saving you from counting down the minutes until you are free from your desk. If you join a company that has values and a direction […]

“Yes, I made it. I just think handcrafted gifts are more special Mum…”

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Christmas does two things for me every year: Draws my attention to the fact that I am broke and have terrible money management skills (but a lot of fun) Unleashes my inner creative as I craft my family’s presents out of macaroni noodles   Then, without fail, my […]

You’re going to give me your absolute best…

We all need to learn to be our own coach.  It’s really easy to watch this video and think, “Well, we can’t all have a football coach, screaming in our ear, willing us forward in life” but, the coach in this video is metaphorical.  He represents our own […]

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