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4 Job-Hunting Steps to Take if you’re Serious about your Career

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Will you REALLY do what it takes to get your ‘Dream Job’? I interviewed a candidate a while back who “desperately” wanted to get into Radio, but when she learned she might have to go to a rural location to get her start…. suddenly her desperation started to […]

4 Steps to Writing a Kick-Arse Resume

Ah, the age old question: What makes a great resume great? There is a ton of conflicting information available online, documenting strategies that will help you to get your resume noticed and people to call you. This can be confusing, especially as a new kid on the block […]

RING RING!!! How to Score an Interview EVERY time Your Phone Rings

The one thing usually standing between you and an interview for your dream role is one little phone call. So what? Easy! You make phone calls every day – to your friends, your Mum, at work, at play. Jeez, you’re part of the technology generation for crying out […]

Experience? No… but I’ll school you at Mario Kart

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So, you’re looking for a new job but the odds seem stacked against you since you lack experience and don’t know what you’re great at yet. Think creatively about your transferable skills and how they might benefit an employer. Then, market yourself on your CV with these skills […]

What not to say when you have a gap in your employment history…

It might not be easy right now, but try not to represent yourself as out of control in your interview. Companies make hiring decisions based on your ability to do the job well, not because they pity or feel sorry for you. What shouldn’t you say when they […]

How to hit on your dream job…

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Woop woop you scored an interview! Here’s a little hint: try to avoid making it sound like getting this job is just a layover on route to the job you really want to do with the company you really want to work for. You wouldn’t walk up to […]

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