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Who Are We?

We are the next generation in Career Start Recruitment. We only represent people who have an Absolutely Awesome Attitude! Rookie Recruits are the go-to recruiters for career starters. First, we identify an outstanding candidate with our ’10 Step Super Charged Selection Process’, then we align the candidate’s natural talents with an employer’s needs. Once the match is made we provide the 12 month ‘Zero to Hero’ coaching program at no extra cost!
Our mission is to give someone who has an Absolutely Awesome Attitude, an opportunity to start their career. We believe that people with an Absolutely Awesome Attitude, who can learn the skills are leaps and bounds ahead of people who are all skill and no smile.


At Rookie Recruits, we believe that… Attitude is everything. We only promote and place candidates that demonstrate the Rookie Recruits ‘Core 4’:










What does the Rookie Recruits selection process look like?











What’s this coaching all about?

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