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How To Get The Job You Aren’t Qualified For

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Hank Stringer, Glassdoor Talk your way into the job you choose….qualified or not! Could you hear yourself saying….? “Sir, my goal is to succeed. I plan to do that by working hard to provide value and service to our clients and my co-workers. I will fall and stumble at times, […]

What do you say to “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

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You know that interview question where they ask what you want to be doing 5 years from now? What do you say? We hear a lot of “I don’t know.” That’s cool, we get it – you’re looking for your first “real” job now, and 5 years seems like […]

4 Job-Hunting Steps to Take if you’re Serious about your Career

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Will you REALLY do what it takes to get your ‘Dream Job’? I interviewed a candidate a while back who “desperately” wanted to get into Radio, but when she learned she might have to go to a rural location to get her start…. suddenly her desperation started to […]

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