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How to hit on your dream job…

Woop woop you scored an interview! Here’s a little hint: try to avoid making it sound like getting this job is just a layover on route to the job you really want to do with the company you really want to work for.

You wouldn’t walk up to a girl and say, “In the future I would like someone better looking with lots of money but…you’ll do for now.” If you would… I wish you all the best with your life of celibacy. You can channel that sexual frustration into work.

Instead, think about the reasons why that company and that role specifically are great. Better yet, do some research and collect some solid facts and background info about the company. Now, armed with that great info you can go in and charm the pants off the interviewer. You know what makes that company special and can approach with a more “your green eyes are beautiful” (I’m flattered, thank you) approach.

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