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Get a job as a Shopping Centre Santa… or follow these December job-hunting tips…

Why is it so hard to find a job in December?

It’s not.

Well it’s not hard to find a job over the Holidays, there are countless retail and hospitality openings. So if you just need a little money in your pocket while you search for your dream job, you can tide yourself over with one of these temporary positions.


For career type jobs, budgets might be exhausted until January. This isn’t always true though, some companies find surplus in December they can use to hire or operate on a different fiscal year. This means the Holidays don’t affect their hiring, be persistent!

Holiday effect.

People are in holiday mode with their feet up and a Santa hat on. Leading up to the Holidays, things are a bit more relaxed and many job seekers lay off until the New Year. This could be a great advantage if you are proactive, as you will have less competition.

There are perks to the season too!

  1. Christmas Party = Networking opportunity
    Get in the holiday spirit, put on your favourite Christmas sweater and get mingling! You never know who has connections and can hook you up with the right person to land your dream job!
  2. Christmas Cards + Business Cards
    Christmas Cards are a nice gesture and a great way to reach out to hiring managers. Why not add a business card in with your Christmas card?
  3. Follow-up
    This is just standard and I can’t say it enough. Follow-up you application within one or two weeks. This shows you are keen and makes you stand out from the pile of resumes.

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