Leanne Parker
"Hanson have used Rookie Recruits for just over 12 months. From the start Rookie Recruits really wanted to know more about our organisation and culture. They are young and innovative and they really want their candidates to be a great fit in a fairly mature culture."

- Leanne Parker People Development Manager, Hanson

Recruit your next Rookie for just $5000*

With absolutely NO Compromise on Quality!

Want to Attract Team Members with the Right Attitude & Energy to Fit your Business FIRST TIME?

Recruiting team members yourself is fine if you usually get the right person first time. Many small to medium businesses fall into the trap of recruiting entry-level team members from the wrong set of criteria or interviewing only based on skills and experience. Doing it yourself may seem the most cost-effective option but it can be a “false economy” whereby new recruits are the wrong “fit” for the business and become expensive mistakes costing tens of thousands of dollars; it also means re-hiring until you strike lucky. The ACTUAL cost of recruiting internally – once you factor in advertising costs, time for writing job ads, going through all the resumes and the logistics of actually interviewing - can be far higher than you imagined; plus, there’s still no guarantee you will find the right person.

Take the Luck Out of the Process with Rookie Recruits

It takes time, effort and valuable resources to hire, train and manage new recruits – and it becomes expensive if mistakes are made again and again; it is even more frustrating if you can’t hold on to people once you have spent time and money training them up.
That’s why we focus only on finding entry-level employees that have the ability and the will to grow in your business.
The key to successful entry-level recruiting is in candidates’ ATTITUDE, ENERGY and FIT, rather than just past experience and the skill sets highlighted on their resumes.
So we find people with an exceptional attitude and who are bursting with enthusiasm to get their careers started.
We use a unique process to Attract, Select, Engage and Retain/Grow candidates, to ensure they are not another expensive recruitment hiccup.

We Get your Business to the Front of the Line

If you search Seek.com with the key words “Entry Level” or “Junior” in Sydney, you’re hit with over 3,500 search results! That’s right - if you’re an employer on the hunt for talent in the entry level space, you are in a fiercely competitive environment. Our deep understanding of the career starter mindset enables us to access talent pools not available to the majority of employers or recruiters. Our process quickly identifies candidates with both the attitude and natural talent that align with the needs of the role and the culture of your team. It requires much more than just placing an ad on Seek and hoping for the best.

How Can We Can Price it so Low?

Rookie Recruits specialise in career start recruitment and focus exclusively in that area. We have embraced innovative technology and streamlined clunky recruitment processes which has driven costs out of the more traditional approach.
  • Bulk buy job board ads and place 300+ per month
  • Receive over 3,000 applications each month from which to find our superstars
  • Leading edge platforms and systems that significantly increase the speed and ease in which we can review and screen resumes
  • Dedicated telephone screeners to identify ATTITUDE (just like John West - only the best get through!)
  • Dedicated Talent Scouts that focus exclusively on selection and placement (not selling)
  • Video interviews to increase the productivity of Talent Scouts and enable a quicker turnaround for our employers
  • Self cleaning "talent bank" to alert us to previous great applicants that have become available

Rookie Rate Card

Product / Features
Raw Rookie
Rookie Career Starter
Sales Rookie
Grad Rookie + Coaching
Sales Rookie + Coaching
Core 4
Experience (years)
Warranty (days)
Exclusivity1 Period (days)
Non- Exclusive
Non- Exclusive
Non- Exclusive
Not included
Not included
Not included
Role Exclusions
Sales2 Graduate3
Sales2 Graduate3
Price (ex GST)
1 Exclusivity = No recruitment activity conducted by anyone other than RR for 21 days (includes employer direct activity) 2 Sales = Field Based Sales Role or Telephone Based with a New Business Target 3 Graduate = Tertiary Qualification specified in role brief
Leanne Parker
"Hanson have used Rookie Recruits for just over 12 months. From the start Rookie Recruits really wanted to know more about our organisation and culture. They are young and innovative and they really want their candidates to be a great fit in a fairly mature culture. They launched into the recruitment with so much enthusiasm, instead of 1 great candidate we took 4. In the latest campaign we’ve taken 5 instead of 2. We couldn’t decide between them, as they were all so brilliant. Every candidate has provided amazing feedback about the recruitment process and now the coaching. They are a great business partner."

- Leanne Parker, People Development Manager, Hanson

Aaron Evans
"The level of service provided by Rookie Recruits is both unrivalled and exceptional. Time and time again Rookie Recruits have sourced and delivered strong candidates. Having filled multiple roles for us, they have managed our account with a great deal of quality. This is due to the hard work applied to understand our business, and an ability to access an untapped pool of quality candidates."

- Aaron Evans, Sales Development Manager, Reed Business Information.

Andrew Joyce
"Rookie Recruits are refreshingly different to work with, their tagline “Attitude is everything” is lived by their people in the high level of service they provide. They seemed to get it, candidates that actually fit the profile we requested! You CAN get the person you need at Rookie."

- Andrew Joyce, General Manager, Liquip International

Remo Barducci
"We at V-net have been using rookie recruits for over a year now. Previously the screening of candidates was a timely and labour intensive exercise. Since the introduction of Rookie Recruits, the labour savings have been huge and more importantly the calibre of candidates has been outstanding. The level of service provided by the Rookie Recruits recruitment team has been exceptional. They clearly understand the skill set required for the roles within our organisation but they also understand the culture of our business and all candidates they have provided tick these boxes. Always responsive and the ability to quickly deploy staff has completely transformed our recruitment needs – on this basis we would highly recommend Rookie recruits."

- Remo Barducci, Client Services Director, V-Net Solutions

Lisa Eady
"The level of service from Rookie Recruits is exceptional, the only thing that surpasses the quality of the service is the calibre of candidates they put forward. I can 100% rely on Rookie Recruits to save us time and find the perfect candidate for our business in any location we need."

- Lisa Eady, General Manager, SPOS Group

David Simpson
"The level of service and turnaround is of the highest order. The candidates are young, dynamic and eager to learn."

- David Simpson, CEO, e-Volve Corporate Technology

Rick Williams
"The level of service from Rookie Recruits from start to finish was exceptional. The core promise was delivered to the letter and the recruit I employed had the right attitude in bucket loads."

- Rick Williams, CEO, Platform XXIV

Christine Hartley
"Rookie Recruits are not your typical recruiter – they listen to the needs of their clients and find only the most suitable candidates to present. Having recently briefed the team at Rookie on quite a specific and new role to our business, it was awesome to see they were on the same page from the outset – they got what we were looking for and went about it without being needy! From brief to an offer was not even 4 weeks."

- Christine Hartley, People and Performance Manager, Aimia

Bryan Darragh
"Rookie Recruits provide high quality candidates, at exceptional value for money, that no one else in the recruitment industry has been able to match. I would recommend rookie recruits to anybody in any industry!"

- Bryan Darragh, Operations Director, Promena Projects

Still Want to DIY?

If you still want to recruit yourself please refer to our white paper “4 Steps to Recruiting ‘Rock star’ Rookies” for some great ideas on how to go about it.
Do a Seek.com search with the key words “Entry Level” or “Junior” in Sydney, and you’re hit with 2,729 search results. That’s right, if you’re an employer on the hunt for talent in the entry level space, you are in a fiercely competitive environment. Why? Entry level candidates are revolutionising workplaces everywhere. Full of enthusiasm and ambition, they embrace continuous learning, are highly adaptable, extremely tech savvy and resourceful. They also cost less in remuneration and, contrary to folklore, are one of the most loyal and hardworking generations of our time.